About Battle for the Island


Challenge your opponent to a battle that's fun and exciting with no two games the same. Try to trap your opponent in this game of strategy and skill by moving your characters around the Island in a strategic manner, whilst dodging the obstacle blocks. Use your moveable carrier pad to bring on reinforcements. Battle ends after a player has lost all of their characters, the other player is declared the victor and new ruler of the Island

Its aged 8 years +
Game time 20-60mins

It’s a brand new 2 player strategy game and with its unique gameplay that's very easy and simple to learn it's a must have game for all. It takes just 2mins to set-up and start other game, with most games averaging 35mins  Battle for the Island makes a great tournament game for all highly competitive people.  

You can also play Team Play with 4 players of  which adds another dimension to this great game

Battle for the Island is one of the best 2 player games you will ever play. But it also has a unique design that enables you to join 2 games together to become a larger playing field to accommodate 4 players, to become a fantastic team battle

Content: 1 Board, 2 Carrier Pads, 1 Die, 10 Obstacle Blocks and 20 Character Playing Pieces

The main board is the Island where all the action takes place.

Each player has 1 Carrier Pad of which moves along the edge of the Island carrying reinforcements.

Each player has 10 characters: 5 Soldiers, 3 Jeeps and 2 Tanks or if you wish you can use the reverse side with the numbers to play if you don't wish to play with the combat unit

The game has 10 obstacle blocks some of which are live and some are duds 1 Die that starts from 0 ends at 5

Different modes of play to choose from single battles or wars and you can also play for points

You can choose to play Battle for the Island in different modes

1 battle for a friendly game

Best of 3 or 5 battles to win a war. You can play a war with or without the points system. Player with the most points wins the war after all battles played

You can also choose a points total to play up to i.e. 50 then the first player to reach the chosen total wins the war


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