How to play


When playing  Battle for the Island team play you will need four players to makeup two teams

Plus you will need two sets of Battle for the Island games of which have been designed to be joined together to make a bigger playing field


The  Battle for the Island gameplay remains the same but with some set-up changes for the team play version


Team play set-up

Start by placing the two Islands together to make one big playing field and then place the four carrier Pads in their normal starting positions, lined up with the missiles on the island


The two teams will sit opposite each other one player from each side will roll the die then the team with the highest number will start in the normal way by taking turns to place the obstacle blocks onto the Islands

(Do not place any more than obstacle blocks in any one row or column)

Then still taking turns each team places any ten of their characters facing any direction in the first two rows using both Islands  

Then each team must place their remaining ten characters onto their carrier pads          (any five on each carrier pad as normal and in any order)


Then each team rolls the die again the team with the highest number then rolls again to start the battle



General rules for team play

1. Each player will have their turn and play will rotate in a clockwise manner


2. On your turn you can move any one of your characters that are on the playing field


3. When a zero is rolled the three choices still apply, if you choose to move your carrier pad, you can only move your own carrier pad, and you cannot move your team mate’s carrier pad.


4. If you choose to launch another character onto the playing field you can only launch from your own carrier pad, you cannot launch from your team mates carrier pad


5. Once a character is on the playfield it is there to be used by both team mates


6. On your turn of play you must decide what to do and which character to play of your own accord. Your team mate must not tell you which character to play or what to do, if this happens the opposing team may confer to remove anyone of your characters from the playing field. And the player whose turn it was forfeits their turn.


7. You may only confer and talk tactics while your opponents are playing their turn


 Battle for the Island  team play is great fun

so make sure you give it a try


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