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Battle for the island

Questions & Answers


Q - How long does it take to play a battle?

A - For two experienced players each battle will take in average about 20-30mins. For two players that haven't played before first game about 45 minutes.


Q - What other game is Battle for the island like?

A - Battle for the island is not like any other game, but it's a bit like playing chess, draughts and backgammon all in one game.


Q - I see that the game is aged from 8 years could my child play who has only just turned 7?

A - Yes the youngest child that has played that we know of is 4 years and 10 months old.


Q - What happens when I reach the other side of the island?

A - Nothing, the game is not about reaching the other side. It's about positioning your characters around the island in order to defeat your opponents characters.


Q - If I roll a 3 on the die can my soldier still destroy my opponent even though it has a fire power of 2?

A - The die is only for moving your characters around the island it has nothing to do with removing your opponents characters.


Q - Can more than two players play Battle for the island?

A. Yes, if you wish to play with more than two players you can place two games together, this will form a larger playing field. and wiil now accommodate four players. You can now play a great doubles battle or play every man for themselves. Go to PLAY WITH 4 PLAYERS.  


Q - Can I jump over another character?

A - No you can't jump over another character or obstacle block that's in your line of movement .

Q - Is Battle for the island complicated it looks difficult?

A - No it's very easy to learn, in fact I can teach you how to play in just 5 minutes.

Q - My English isn't very good, I was wondering if there's much text to read whilst playing the game.

A - There's no text to read whilst you're playing, the only text to read is the rule book. But if you go to RULES IN OTHER LANGUAGES the rules are in 27 different languages

Q - I don't like games that are just luck is Battle for the island just luck?

A - No it's mainly strategy and skill, with a very small dab of luck, and this is one of the reasons the game is very exciting to play.

Q - What happens if I get a zero and I chose to move my carrier pad,but then I roll another zero?

A - If this happens you simply have the option to either change your mind or choose move your carrier pad again to complete the action.

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