Battle for the island

Questions & Answers


Q - How long does it take to play a battle?

A - For two experienced players each battle will take in average about 20-30mins.

For two players that haven't played before about 45-60mins.


Q - What other game is Battle for the island like?

A - Battle for the island is not like any other game but it's a bit like playing chess, draughts and backgammon all in one game.


Q - I see that the game is aged from 8 years could my child play who has only just turned 7?

A - Yes the youngest children to have played that we know of is 6 years, and there's one child who was only 4 years 10 months old.


Q - What happens when I reach the other side of the island?

A - Nothing, the game is not about reaching the other side. It's about positioning your combat unit anywhere around the island in order to defeat your opponents characters.


Q - If I roll a 3 on the die can my soldier still destroy my opponent even though it has a fire power of 2?

A - The die is only for moving your combat units around the island it has nothing to do with removing your opponents characters.


Q - Can more than two players play Battle for the island?

A - No you can only play with two players.

But if you wish to play with more than two players you can place two games together to form a larger playing field this will now accommodate four players to play a great doubles battle.

See Battle for the island team play


Q - Can I jump over another character?

A - No you can't jump over another character or land mine that's in your line of movement 

Q - Is Battle for the island complicated it looks difficult?

A - No it's very easy to learn, in fact I can teach you how to play in just 5 minutes

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