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Battle for the island




Number of Players: 2

For Ages: 8+

Playing Time: 20 - 60 minutes

Created  by: Winston Harris

Publisher: Syeknom Games

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Set on a golden island you must try to outsmart your opponent in a strategic battle that starts right from the very beginning. It's a brand new 2 player strategy game of which has a unique style of gameplay of which is unlike anything else you've played before. Challenge your opponent to a battle that's fun & exciting.

Easy to learn and play. With no two games the same, try to trap your opponent in this game of strategy, skill & chance by moving your characters around the Island in a strategic manner, whilst using the obstacle blocks to your advantage. Use your moveable carrier pad to bring on reinforcements.

The battle ends after a player has lost all of their characters.

The other player is declared the victor and new ruler of the Island 



Main Board  (The Island) = 1

Dice = 1
Carrier Pads = 2
Reversible Tiles Tanks & Numbers = 4
Reversible Tiles Jeeps & Numbers = 6
Reversible Tiles Soldiers & Numbers = 10
Obstacle Block Tiles = 10
Rule Book = 1


Game Play

All characters move around the island in the same manner by the roll of a single die which is numbered 0 to 5. The number rolled on the dice will determine the amount of moves a character can advance to. You will have the option to move your character forward in a straight line, and the option to change direction to the left or right on each move. To remove your opponents characters from the island, your character has to be facing forward towards your intended target in a direct line, and the shot has to be an exact hit matching your characters fire range. An exciting part of the game is the fact that your carrier pad, not only carries your reinforcements but it can also, move along the edge of the island. Now your characters will be able to be launched onto the island from a different position.

The Setup

The action starts as soon as you start setting up for the battle ahead.

First take turns in placing one obstacle block at a time onto the island until all ten tiles are on the island, during the battle these can be used for defence or can be activated for attack. Carry on taking turns until you have placed any five of your ten characters onto the island, at this stage you will be keeping a close eye on what your opponent is up to. Your remaining five characters will be placed onto your carrier pad of which is located just off the edge of the island, this is where your reinforcements are located during the battle.

Here's an example of what the setup could look like, but remember the setup will be defferent at the start of every battle

setup done.png

Here's an example of what the setup could look like, using the numbers and the combat unit. Or you could set up using only the numbers.

using   numbers

Play With 4 Players

Battle for the Island is one of the best 2 player games you will ever play. But it also has a unique design that enables you to join 2 games together to become a larger playing field to accommodate 4 players, to become a fantastic team battle or every man for themselves

DSCF7068 (2).JPG

How to play with four players

You will need two sets of Battle for the Island games of which have been designed to be joined together to make a bigger playing field

You will need four players to makeup two teams or you can also choose to play every man for themselves of which you would need to use the combat unit and the numbers


The  Battle for the Island gameplay remains the same but the set-up is slightly different for four players and you use two dice instead of the one

Team play set-up

Start by placing the two Islands together to make one big playing field and then place the four carrier Pads in their normal starting positions, lined up with the missiles on the island.

When playing teams the two teammates can sit opposite each other or sit together on the same side of the island.

Then decide which player to play first moving in a clockwise direction taking turns to place the obstacle blocks onto the Islands  

(Do not place any more than two obstacle blocks in any one row or column)

Then still taking turns each team places any five of their characters facing any direction in the first two rows as usual  

Then each player must place their remaining five characters onto their carrier pads 


General rules for team play

1. Each player will have their turn and play will rotate in a clockwise manner


2. How to use the two dice 

On your turn you must roll both dice simultaneously,

when you roll the dice if there's a number on each of the dice you will have the option to move one character using the combined total of the two dice, or if you wish you can also choose to move two characters using one of the dice for one character and the other dice for another character. 


If you roll a zero and a number on your turn you don't get another turn you must use the zero first choosing one of the three options that are available to you as usual, then using the number from the other dice you then use that number to move the last character you just moved, or the carrier pad if you chose that option.


If you roll a double zero you will have another turn but before you roll again you can now remove any one of your opponent's characters from the playing field for free. Then you roll again to continue as usual

3. On your turn you can move any one of your characters that's on the playing field


4. When a zero is rolled with another number the three choices still apply, if you choose to move your carrier pad, you can only move your own carrier pad, and you cannot move your team mate’s carrier pad.


5. If you choose to launch another character onto the playing field you can only launch from your own carrier pad, you cannot launch from your team mates carrier pad


6. Once a character is on the playing field it is there to be used by both team mates if playing teams


7. On your turn of play you must decide what to do and which character to play of your own accord. Your team mate must not tell you which character to play or what to do, if this happens the opposing team may confer to remove anyone of your characters from the playing field. And the player whose turn it was forfeits their turn, and you also lose a character.


8. You may only confer and talk tactics while your opponents are playing their turn


 Battle for the Island 

If you choose to play team play or every man for themselves it's great fun

so make sure you give it a try


Playing For Points

Playing for points adds another dimension to your battles and is fantastic for you seriously competitive players.



Battle for the island is a great game in its own right, but if you want to play for points it will add another dimension to the game, not only are you trying to win the battle, but you are trying to win with as many points as possible. Easier said than done when your opponent is trying to make sure you don’t succeed.



You will need to play more than one battle.

Decide which way you’re going to play before you start playing.

There’s two ways that you can choose from

1: You can choose the number of battles to play up to, and then the player that has the most points after all battles played wins the war.

2: You can choose a points total to play up to. For example you choose 50 points as your target total, and then the first player to reach 50 points wins the war.


You total up your points at the end of each battle, the winner will get points and the loser will get no points.

The winner will add up all the fire range numbers from each of their characters that are located on the island, and then if you’ve got any characters remaining on your carrier pad double this total for a bonus.

Then add together the points from the island and the points from your carrier pad. Then add another extra 10 points bonus for the winner.

If a battle ends in a draw then both players will receive 5 points each

Info: The maximum score that can be achieved in one battle is 44, plus your 10 points for the win making a total of 54 points.

Most evenly matched players will average 8 - 25 points per battle.

You can play a war without the points system just choose a best of 3 battles or a best of 5 battles enjoy

Why not print your own score sheet 

Watch A Battle

This battle takes about 14 minutes watch and enjoy

Optional Ways To Play

You can choose to play Battle for the Island in different modes

Play one battle for a friendly game.

Best of 3 or 5 battles to win a war. You can play a war with or without the points system. Player with the most points wins the war after all battles are played.

You can also choose a points total to play up to i.e. 50 then the first player to reach the chosen total wins the war

Optional ways of playing



First set up everything as you normally would in a full game.

But in this version the first player to remove any five of their opponents characters wins the battle. (Games will take about 8 - 20 minutes on average)

“Great if you don’t have time for a full game”




Place the obstacle blocks onto the island as normal. But in this version you must disregard the carrier pads. When a zero is rolled you will only have the one option, which is to change the direction of your character on the island. Just place all 10 of your characters onto the island, using the first two rows as you would normally.

“Then go all out! - who needs reinforcements“



In this version of all out battle you must disregard the carrier pads, and this time you choose any five of your characters to place onto the island using the first two rows as you would normally.

“Blink and you’ll miss it”




You can add all obstacles blocks to be alive in this format, just setup in any format in the normal way but in this version every obstacle block will be a live on the island

“Nowhere safe in this version”

Questions & Answers


Q - How long does it take to play a battle?

A - For two experienced players each battle will take in average about 20-30mins. For two players that haven't played before first game about 45 minutes.


Q - What other game is Battle for the island like?

A - Battle for the island is not like any other game, but it's a bit like playing chess, draughts and backgammon all in one game.


Q - I see that the game is aged from 8 years could my child play who has only just turned 7?

A - Yes the youngest child that has played that we know of is 4 years and 10 months old.


Q - What happens when I reach the other side of the island?

A - Nothing, the game is not about reaching the other side. It's about positioning your characters around the island in order to defeat your opponents characters.


Q - If I roll a 3 on the dice can my soldier still destroy my opponent even though it has a fire power of 2?

A - The dice is only for moving your characters around the island it has nothing to do with removing your opponents characters.


Q - Can more than two players play Battle for the island?

A. Yes, if you wish to play with more than two players you can place two games together, this will form a larger playing field. and wiil now accommodate four players. You can now play a great doubles battle or play every man for themselves. Go to PLAY WITH 4 PLAYERS.  


Q - Can I jump over another character?

A - No you can't jump over another character or obstacle block that's in your line of movement .

Q - Is Battle for the island complicated it looks difficult?

A - No it's very easy to learn, in fact I can teach you how to play in just 5 minutes.

Q - My English isn't very good, I was wondering if there's much text to read whilst playing the game.

A - There's no text to read whilst you're playing, the only text to read is the rule book. But if you go to RULES IN OTHER LANGUAGES the rules are in 27 different languages

Q - I don't like games that are just luck is Battle for the island just luck?

A - No it's mainly strategy and skill, with a very small dab of luck, and this is one of the reasons the game is very exciting to play.

Q - What happens if I get a zero and I chose to move my carrier pad, but then I roll another zero?

A - If this happens you simply have the option to either change your mind or choose move your carrier pad again to complete the action.

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