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Battle for the island

Optional Ways To Play

You can choose to play Battle for the Island in different modes

Play one battle for a friendly game.

Best of 3 or 5 battles to win a war. You can play a war with or without the points system. Player with the most points wins the war after all battles are played.

You can also choose a points total to play up to i.e. 50 then the first player to reach the chosen total wins the war

Optional ways of playing



First set up everything as you normally would in a full game.

But in this version the first player to remove any five of their opponents characters wins the battle. (Games will take about 8 - 20 minutes on average)

“Great if you don’t have time for a full game”




Place the obstacle blocks onto the island as normal. But in this version you must disregard the carrier pads. When a zero is rolled you will only have the one option, which is to change the direction of your character on the island. Just place all 10 of your characters onto the island, using the first two rows as you would normally.

“Then go all out! - who needs reinforcements“



In this version of all out battle you must disregard the carrier pads, and this time you choose any five of your characters to place onto the island using the first two rows as you would normally.

“Blink and you’ll miss it”




You can add all obstacles blocks to be alive in this format, just setup in any format in the normal way but in this version every obstacle block will be a live on the island

“Nowhere safe in this version”

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