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Battle for the island

Playing For Points

Playing for points adds another dimension to your battles and is fantastic for you seriously competitive players.



Battle for the island is a great game in its own right, but if you want to play for points it will add another dimension to the game, not only are you trying to win the battle, but you are trying to win with as many points as possible. Easier said than done when your opponent is trying to make sure you don’t succeed.



You will need to play more than one battle.

Decide which way you’re going to play before you start playing.

There’s two ways that you can choose from

1: You can choose the number of battles to play up to, and then the player that has the most points after all battles played wins the war.

2: You can choose a points total to play up to. For example you choose 50 points as your target total, and then the first player to reach 50 points wins the war.


You total up your points at the end of each battle, the winner will get points and the loser will get no points.

The winner will add up all the fire range numbers from each of their characters that are located on the island, and then if you’ve got any characters remaining on your carrier pad double this total for a bonus.

Then add together the points from the island and the points from your carrier pad. Then add another extra 10 points bonus for the winner.

If a battle ends in a draw then both players will receive 5 points each

Info: The maximum score that can be achieved in one battle is 44, plus your 10 points for the win making a total of 54 points.

Most evenly matched players will average 8 - 25 points per battle.

You can play a war without the points system just choose a best of 3 battles or a best of 5 battles enjoy

Why not print your own score sheet 
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